domingo, 18 de febrero de 2007

Mr Oil en la red

Mr Oil el éxito de los setenta vuelve: The Jarvis St. Revue - "Mr. Oil Man",
Mr. Oil Drop says recycle used oil materials
y como ya relatara Merce: Saudi Arabia a Wild Goodbye to Mr. Oil
Por cierto ¿quién será Mr. Water?
y más Mr. Oil:
words by Herry / music by Herry
Thousands were misled or not even let in there
So how could you deny that the voting was unfair
When you started preaching we were all aware
You were preaching lies, putting the whole world in despair
Mr. Oil, you misplaced cowboy
This is no computer game
We're not fucken toys
Speak out against abortions while put people in deathrow
Those children go astray, so you kill em after they've grown
Who are you to judge? Are you in the chair of God?
Your sick megalomania will terrify the lot
At first his stupidity seemed pretty amusing
But it's not so funny when he blows your world away
Your pathetic need for defense, we've heard it all before
It's not the matter 'if', just 'when' is the next world war
Don't you understand you are a threat to the human race
Since the votes were counted, we are counting our days
Your standards and your morals are a dog's leash for a fool
Protect this by a spaceshield, the safety feels cool
You die to find a foe to test your new toys out
It's too late to recount the votes after you died

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